Delphi Diesel Specialists Colchester

Shaikly Motor Company use Delphi’s award-winning technologies and designs to deliver critical information to drivers with maximum safety.

Delphi designs, engineers and manufactures a wide variety of components, integrated systems and modules on a worldwide basis. Delphi’s award-winning technologies and designs are conceived to deliver critical information to drivers with maximum safety. Combining innovation with a proven building block strategy, Delphi offers high-value products designed to meet the specific needs of low-cost to premium vehicles. 




Delphi agents such as Shaikly Motor Company are equipped with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all our products to enhance customer value.

As the largest and most diversified supplier of automotive parts, Delphi can provide vehicle manufacturers with global, single-point sourcing capability and systems tailored to meet their specific needs.  We produce mechatronic controls and modules, displays, electronics and switches from buttons and knobs on integrated panels to enhanced security and vehicle access systems such as keyless entry and start and remote vehicle controls.